Officer Positions and Responsibilities

Expectations for all:

  1. Officers are expected to attend ALL General Meetings and Officer Meetings. If unable to attend, officers are expected to inform the President in advance.
  2. Maintain communications with other officers.
  3. At least one officer must be present at all FSP functions.
  4. If an officer cannot carry out their duties due to special circumstances, they are responsible for finding another officer to cover for them and informing the President.


  • Serve as primary representative for FSP at university meetings and events
  • Lead discussions to set long term goals and delegate responsibilities
  • Lead weekly Officer Meetings after General Meetings
  • Update and meet with FSP advisers regularly
  • With Vice President:
    • Manage officer applications and conduct interviews
    • Maintain relationships with advisory professors, staff, and off-campus contacts

Vice President

  • Make sure that officer tasks are completed in a timely manner
  • Provide general assistance with administrative duties of officers
  • Serve in the capacity of the President when they are unable
  • With President:
    • Coordinate all internal communication among officers
    • Manage officer applications and if necessary, conduct interviews
    • Keep in contact with advisory professors, staff, and off-campus contactS

Secretary and Treasurer

  • Send out organization announcements via MailChimp and Facebook (Public page: UT Food Studies Project and Group: Food Studies Project)
  • Communicate with the Membership Chair to update email list
  • Manage FSP Google calendar
  • Take minutes of officer meetings and email them to officers
  • Coordinate fundraising, profit shares, funding applications (By when to apply for what?
  • Fiduciary responsibilities
    • Monitor the bank account (shared only with Pres, VP)
    • Maintain transparent and itemized budget (document shared with all officers)
    • Collect and record dues
    • Distribute merchandise and collect payment

Media Chair

  • Update and maintain FSP website
  • Publish meeting presentations on the FSP website
  • Maintain social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Take photos and upload to Google Drive and social media
  • Recruit members to write blog posts
  • Create other media for online and print publication as needed
  • Design merchandise
    • Members T-shirts
    • Other merchandise agreed upon by officers and members.
    • Collaborate with Event Committee for event-specific merch

Event Committee Coordinator and Chairs

  • Secure and manage room reservations for all meetings and special events
  • Develop and lead volunteering events
  • Coordinate tabling events
  • Scheduling with DOS (if necessary)
  • Making sign-up sheets
  • Developing flyers (with Media Chair)
  • Coordinate collaborations with other organizations for events and projects
  • Manage logistics for off-campus excursions (i.e. farm tour, restaurants)
    • Transportation to and from campus
  • Coordinate food donations and purchases for events
  • Write thank you letters for restaurants who have contributed to our events
  • Oversee standing event committee*
  • Recruit members as needed to assist in event planning and event-specific duties

* Coordinator-specific duty