Food Internships & Opportunities

We are constantly receiving emails about amazing opportunities to intern and volunteer in the Austin and Central Texas Area and we would like to share these opportunities with as many students as possible. All that we ask is that you share your experience with us if you get involved with any of the organizations or events listed below. Please also let us know if you hear about any other opportunities that we can share with the rest of our UT Food Community.Thanks and good luck in your food studies endeavors!

Check out the full list HERE.


Need bright and passionate college students for your company, project, or food organization? Please email us the details and we will add the opportunity to or list.

Writing about Southern food culture for the UT Food Studies Project blog has provided me with the opportunity to work as a research assistant for Toni Tipton-Martin and her project The Jemima Code. It is a great outlet for undergraduate research and a lovely way for those interested in food culture and business to network.
~Lauren White, American Studies  Major


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  1. Asiago says:

    Here is a neat place to look for food jobs. Thanks Brittany for sending this in!

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