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Looking for a food-related course to take at The University of Texas at Austin?Check out the complete list here and see what other students had to say about how much they’ve enjoyed these courses in the past.

My involvement with the Food Studies Project so far, though short, has allowed me to learn a lot once I started making connections and also learning a lot from my peers. I’m taking an “FSP” class for the first time, Dr. Torres’ GRG 339K: Farming, Food and Global Hunger and have learned a lot this semester. What I’ve learned in such a short time has allowed me better understanding of how to approach projects… It has challenged me to think more about food’s different effects on the body, mind and community.”

– Michelle Truong, B.S. Biology, 2012

UT Informal Classes also commonly host food related classes, workshops and seminars. Check out their updated list of course offerings here and navigate through the links on the right to find what you’re looking for.

Food is deeply interdisciplinary and we want to connect with anyone and everyone on campus involved in food or interested in Food Studies. If you know of any other courses that should be on our list or any UT faculty or staff interested in Food Studies, please contact us


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  1. Hey all, I read with interest the notice on the ASFS listserv about UT’s emerging Food Studies program. I have my MA (History ’80) and PhD (Anthropology/Folklore ’88) from UT and have long been involved in foodways research. I invite students and faculty to visit the Iowa Place-Based Foods website (funded by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Iowa State University) and let me know what you think. As well, students should look at what other folklorists have done in food studies/foodways, e.g. Lucy Long (Culinary Tourism and Regional American Food Culture, Marcie Cohen Ferris (Matzoh Ball Gumbo: Culinary Tales of the Jewish South, and see Louisiana Voices online curriculum, (foodways unit–scroll down for some bibliography).

    As well, please note that submissions for student (grad and undergrad) prizes from the Association for the Study of Food & Society are due Feb 1, 2012:

  2. Amazing linguistic anthropology professor Brian Stross teaches a course on food from an anthropological perspective. He’s also my academic advisor and is non-judgmental, modest, and a free thinker.

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