Become an Officer

Officers of Food Studies Project are leaders of the UT food community with the passion and dedication to educate and inspire their fellow students. Whether you’re a pre-med student interested in nutrition and food issues, an aspiring chef looking to expand your palate, or just plain interested in food and food issues, we have a position for you!

Being an officer of Food Studies Project allows for the opportunity to educate your fellow students on topics that need a heightened awareness (entomophagy, anyone?).  It gives you a platform to help make the changes to our food environment.  It gives you the opportunity to meet other passionate people in the UT food community.

While there are no application requirements, it is very important to us that Food Studies Project is placed into both passionate and capable hands. We would love to see you rise to the occasion! Please let us get to know a little more about you and your interest in being an officer.  Apply using the form below, and check out the descriptions of officer positions for more information.

Apply Here

Description of Positions

Thank you, and best of luck!


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