About Food Studies

What is Food Studies?

The Food Studies Project brings together a vibrant UT Food Community of students, faculty, staff and local food enthusiasts around the shared interest in an interdisciplinary study of food. Supported strongly by this community, we are the catalyst for changing the way people eat, think about, and interact with their food. 

Our goal as a student organization is to drive this focus and momentum in the direction towards an official food studies program here at UT. We feel that this program would provide students with the invaluable opportunity to enhance their studies by actively engaging in their communities and applying the focus of their respective majors to the field of food. By providing this environment that encourages interdisciplinary communication and creative collaboration, we are equipping future leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to beneficially impact our world’s food systems.

Check out the Events page and please Contact us with any thoughts or questions.

Other Food Studies Programs:

“Food Studies emphasizes a holistic approach to food systems, from agriculture and food production to cuisines and consumption, providing intellectual and practical experience from field to table.”

— Food Studies MA program at Chatham University, PA

“Food Studies draws on a range of disciplines to explore the connections between food and the environment, politics, history, and culture.  …It provides students with the theoretical and practical tools they need to engage in the developing conversation about food production, distribution, quality, and taste and to effect positive change in their own food environments.”

— Food Studies program at the New School, NY

Student Voices | Writing about their Food Studies at The University of Texas at Austin




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