It’s What You Do With It


A healthy body is a good thing to strive for. That is pretty much the focus of nutrition: we want the highest quality of the chemicals our bodies need, and in the right proportions, so that they can build a better, higher quality body. Some important chemicals our bodies need are:

–       Dihydrogen monoxide (to sound smart), also known as water. Humans are roughly 60% water and nearly all of the chemical reactions in the body need water. Also, water helps dissolve certain chemicals, detoxify the body, and regulate temperature.

–       Chemicals that supply the body with energy, such as proteins, carbs, and fats. We should aim to fill this requirement with essential proteins, complex carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. Proteins build the body, so having the essential proteins (the ones our bodies don’t produce) and the ingredients to make the non-essential proteins (the proteins our bodies produce) is very important when it comes to building an awesome body. As for fats, their necessity is due to the fact that our cells are made up of a large amount of fat. We want the ones that don’t increase bad cholesterol levels, also known as cis-fats.

–       Vitamins are very necessary because they help the body to perform a majority of its chemical reactions. Having the right amount of the 14 vitamins our bodies need will make you feel and function excellently.

–       Minerals are necessary because they provide the body with electrolytes and trace elements, which tend to help form proteins such as hemoglobin, the protein in our blood that holds oxygen.

So, let’s say that you somehow have all the right chemicals and your body is rockin’. That’s awesome, but now what? If a state of the art, million dollar house is built, but the owner doesn’t use it, what good is it? All that this building accomplished was killing the land on which it lay. Our bodies house us: our personality/ spirit/ soul, etc. So what is the good of having an awesome body if it isn’t used to do anything? Having an awesome body provides its host with great potential, and never using this potential is simply a pathetic waste. I believe the most important element is not a physical one, but rather, a metaphysical element: the human spirit, or the person’s drive. The higher the quality of this element, the farther a person will go and the more a person will do.

To further illustrate my point, I will use an analogy: Let’s say someone,guy #1, has an awesome car (Lamborghini, Ferrari, or 06 Nissan Sentra or whatever….). He cleans it all the time, takes really good care of its engine, and takes it out for little cruises around town. However, that is all this extraordinary car is used for: to show off and drive only to places that are close; he never does anything extraordinary with it. On the other hand,guy #2, has a crappy car and doesn’t try to fix it up or clean it. It will probably break down soon due to his neglect. However, this guy actually uses his car to go places and do extraordinary things, like volunteer and help others. Whose car is aesthetically better? Guy #1. However, who actually does something meaningful with their vehicle? Guy #2. Now, let’s say that instead of cars, we were talking about bodies. Guy #1 has a very healthy body, but never amounts to doing anything with it. Guy #2 has an unhealthy body and isn’t doing anything to make it better, which will come back to bite him in the future. Yet, Guy #2 is actually doing something productive with it. What is the point of an extraordinary body if it isn’t used to do anything extraordinary?


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  1. Jackie anderson says:

    I agree! We forget to thank these machines with their crazy intricacies for functioning so perfectly and allowing us to live our lives the way we do. There are a lot of people who arent as lucky and struggle with disabilities everyday. Plus, the body is still such a spectacular mystery; weve only understood it for a short while, and scientists still dont completely understand how all of the hormones and processes that make us click combine in the ways that they do.

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