FEB Food Studies Links

Food Studies to me is understanding the world via food. Students can study food in any academic field because almost everything that we do as humans is related to obtaining food to eat. One reason why I wanted to create this blog was to show the great interest, by undergraduate college students like myself, to study food. But, not nessarly to study the food itself but our interacttions with it. For example, here is a recent study about race and food production: The Color of Food

I wanted to share a few links that came to me recently that might be useful in your search to study food.

Study of Food and Society
The association of the Study of Food and Society (ASFS) is great place to start your Food Studies. They offer a ton of resources, but one that I wanted to point out for us students if the “Food Studies Programs List”. They complied a list of Universities throughout the world offering a “Food Studies” programs. http://www.food-culture.org/programs.php

Another Food Studies blog
The people at Good.is launched a Food Studies blog also this year. Their first post by Erin Ross was really useful example of student getting out there studying food.


I invite you all to contribute to this blog as well. If you have a Food Studies blog or link you would like to share feel free to send it my way.  I would love for other students to become authors of this blog and write a short blog post about studying food in your major.

Leave a comment and I can contact you about becoming a author for the blog or shoot me an email at asiago.ogaisa@gmail.com


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