I enjoy food. Everyday I respect it more and I want to share my food studies with others. Currently, I am interested in hunger. Hunger can mean a lot of different things, but for the shake of this post I going to focus on the traditional understanding: hunger is the lack of food intake. I want to know what it is like to be hungry. So, I have started experimenting with my eating patterns. I quickly learned that it is hard to starve yourself.

Born and raised Catholic, I really admire my father’s devotion of limiting himself to just one normal meal on Fridays. I wanted to this to, but I always remembered to fast right as I sat down for dinner. Another time, I starved myself on accident. I took some medication that suppressed my hunger completely. I didn’t eat for a day, then I felt sick the next morning. I felt weak as if I were to pass out. More interesting thing that I learned from the experience was the psychological issues that occur with hunger. I was so hungry that I wasn’t hungry. That is to say, I didn’t feel like eating. I found no joy in it. The food tasted dull almost as if my palate was inactive. I ate extremely slow. Seemed like I was eating for an hour and only 10 minutes passed. After about 20 mins, the pleasure of eating started pouring in and I felt so alive.

Currently, I am in Salvador, Brazil. The way they eat here is quite different than my eating patterns in the States. I will talk more about Brazil in upcoming posts but for now I am going to say that Brazilians eat a lot less than (North) Americans. The combination of hot climate, walking more, capoeira classes, different eating times, makes me get pretty hungry here. Am I really hungry or is my mind just used to eating more? After my light breakfast one morning, I felt really weak training at my capoeira class. On the walk home (about in hour walk), I felt extremely drained. My brain was only thinking about water, resting, and eating. But I did take note of the people digging through trash piles and those laying on the ground; they appeared as to be completely drained as well. As I stepped over them, I began to wonder about their hunger, and compare it to mine. Maybe they are already at that stage where they don’t feel like eating more, just sleeping and taking drugs. I am beginning to understand that.

I want to bring food to the hungry.


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  1. asiago says:

    Interesting TED talk connecting food systems, hunger, and obesity.

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