Collecting Trash for a Week

For one week, I collected all of my food related trash. I didn’t collect food waste such as egg shells, the ends of vegetables, or food left on my plate. Instead, I just collected trash that I created via eating, cooking, storing, and transporting food from grocery stores. I wanted to see how much trash I was creating eating. Then I would analyze what trash I considered wasteful, what trash I felt was necessary for my style of eating, and begin to question the “convenience”. Food is a common topic in environmental studies. Although this is not my field of study, I would assume the way we eat in the United States, with all the individual wrapped processed convenience foods, creates a lot of useless waste bad for mother nature.

I originally got the idea to collect my trash from this video <;  from NYC Food Studies program. This master degree program looks awesome! Know anyone that goes there? There are not to many “Food Studies” programs that I know about. I did find a list of schools on the Association for the Study of Food and Society‘s website  <;.

During the experiment, I had lots of questions for economists and environmentalist. Questions that seemed simple, turn out to be some of the most complicated equations to calculate and extremely debatable. Is it more environmentally friendly on a macro-scale for everyone to wash their plates instead of using of paper plates? The reusable bags that we see now in supermarkets, those are a joke right?

Here are photos of my food trash for one week:


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