Understanding Food Choice and Food Studies

Do you use the word “Market” to refer to the place where you go to buy food? My family always called it “Supermarket” growing up. Today’s food markets in the US really are super, both in size and quantity. All of their abundance leaves us with  more complicated food choices than ever. Marion Nestle’s book “What to Eat” helps try to explain the products and their misleading labels in stores.

Marion has several famous books in the food revolution scene, but this was my first of her work. I would recommend “What to Eat” as a reference guide more than a book that you would read from front to back. So if you find yourself questioning something in the store, pick up her book and flip to the appropriate chapter. Why do organic eggs cost 5 times as much and why are they always brown? Take a glance at the egg section, you might be surprised.

Anyways, I wanted to mention the book on the food studies blog because near the end, there is a paragraph that I feel fits perfectly to explain variety and importance of studying food.

We can understand the world by studying food. It makes sense to me; everything we do is some how related to food. So, how do you study food? What are some other ways we can study food that are not listed in this paragraph?


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