Highlights and Lowlights of my Mindful Eating Week


For one week, I ate mindfully, keeping notes of the economics, time, and psychology of my weekday meals. As a result, I raised my awareness about the relationship I have with food. Located some potential dangers such as overeating before bed, a habit turned to routine, which I believe I do to help me relax and get tired to hit the sack. I learned that over eating does not only make you feel grossly heavy but it is a major time killer, and time is one of the most important things that students deal with in college.

To end on a lighter note, my week’s food experience taught me many positive things as well:

  • Good quality beers combined with fun conversation with friends is a wonderful thing, worthy of your time and money.
  • Cooking with people is a great social activity, that not only builds bonds but skills as well.
  • Christmas parties/End of the semester feasts are great, but only if there are people willing to take the time to participate.
  • Learning to like new flavors such as bitter, can open a whole new world of foods and potentially new ways of life.
  • Eating lighter foods such as vegetables, different greens, rice makes you feel so much better than heavy foods such pasta, potatoes, big chunks of meat, etc.

Finally, I want to emphasize the psychology of eating since it is generally overlooked in student health advise and food choice for more quantifiable subjects like economics and time consumption. If we stop and observe, we will notice lots of social and cultural politics in our food choices. Adjusting our foodways mentally can be the most difficult battle to a healthier life. For example, I am accustomed to satiety feeling of stuffing myself. After I finish my plate and still want a little more, but I now know that if I just wait a min, I will feel satisfied and happy rather than heavy and tired.

Take the time, spend the money, and enjoy your experiences with food. There is a lot more to food than what meets the palate. Being a Mindful Eater, aware and conscious of your food, you can change the way you live, for a happier, healthier life.


PS I recommend you focus on one theme at a time during your mindful eating experiment. For example, one week only focus on the economics of your foodways. Next week, focus on the nutrition… and so on. Things get complicated when you try to focus on everything at once.


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  1. Wei-Lin Tsai says:

    Awesome, job, Asiago. I definitely agree with the psychological aspects of eating.

    1. asiago says:

      Hi Wei,
      You taught me a lot about psychology of eating Chinese Cuisine! You taught me to slow down, and really become aware of my food. Something as simple as the ritual of drinking tea or eating a bowl of rice. good times.

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