Food Studies Project is an interdisciplinary organization where student come together to learn and talk about food, food systems, sustainability, agriculture, and all things related to the delicious world of food.  Join us if you want to connect with some really awesome UT foodies!



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We love food! Not only do we want to educate eaters about food issues, but we want to share some tasty meals as well. We try our best to provide delicious, local eats from all over Austin at our events. Why? To enhance our palates, of course! We are lucky to have such a diverse food culture here in Austin and it would be a shame to never get a chance to go explore it. Come learn about food with us in a fun and interdisciplinary way! We bring in speakers from all different schools of thought and search for a balance between foodie interests and social concern. We break it down into six categories: Health, Culture, Environment, Economics, Politics, and Technology. We have created a space where the UT Food Community can come together and discuss their different understandings of food. We PROMOTE challenging each other’s conceptions and motivate students to present their food studies projects and share their undergraduate and graduate level research.

Beyond supporting students to explore their own food studies, we also encourage students to take action and engage in the communities around them. We help connect students to internships throughout the Austin area and strongly support student start-ups and ongoing campus projects. We urge you: go out and do something you’re interested in and passionate about and begin to make a difference in the world, TODAY!

Student Voices
| Writing about their Food Studies at The University of Texas at Austin